Armin Steiner and Nik Hummer are primarily known for their sound art project thilges3
[Steiner, Hummer, Gammon]. in this context their mission is the acoustic introduction of
public places like museums, galleries, theatres and clubs to social transformation-triggering
and visual sound innovations.
Metalycée is a very new project with the aim to salve, recover,
transform and put metal into the field of electronic music without respecting any borderlines.
Another White Album - their first CD ever - is basically made of digitally processed guitar
samples, which Steiner and Hummermerge with their modular synth sounds into a unique
construction. The metal-like sounding samples are cut and arranged precisely in an almost
breakbeat kind of style, always ready for an unexpected change between harsh & abrasive
and floating forms.
In addition friends and fans of the band like Didi Bruckmayr [Fuckhead, Wipeout]
and John Norman from Radian [Thrill Jockey] contribute as guests on "21H39" and "5H17"
A harsh Viennese Melange and a vivid proof that there are still new paths within electronica, which can be discovered. [mosz 2004]

Since 2007 metalycée has 3 new members: singer melita jurisic, drummer bernhard breuer and bass player matija schellander.
selected discography:
> die offene gesellschaft - CD, LP [staubgold 33]
> polka - CD [staalplaat material series 2001]
> johanna - zyklus - CD [thilges 2000]
> perfektes verschwinden - VHS [thilges 2000]
> Instant Living - CD [thilges 2000]
> komm.fort - CD [compilation QTS 1999]
> metalycée